Face of Veggie Paws

Face of Veggie Paws Competition version 2.0 has landed!

#faceofveggiepawsWe have taken all entries from the #faceofveggiepaws Instagram competition and uploaded them here. The dog who has the most votes by February 11th, 2019, will become the face of our SECOND top-secret new flavour!

In addition to becoming the face of our new flavour of treats, the winner will receive a box of these yummy new treats (with their dog's face on the box), and 20% off (this flavour only) for all future online purchases.




Disclaimer: the winning dog may not receive any recognition on the label (i.e., Instagram handle or name) due to space constraints. The winner is not entitled to royalties from the sale of these treats. The illustration will be owned by Veggie Paws and copyright to Lauren Herraman, and may not be used for any unauthorised purposes. The winner will not receive their own physical or digital copy of the illustration (but may have a copy of the label itself).

One entry has been added per account. You are under no obligation to participate in this second round. If you would like your dog’s photo removed from our website please let us know. You may ask friends, family and followers to vote for you.

Note: one vote per person per photo.

Happy voting!

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