Flourish – Raw-Food Diets


Flourish compliments home prepared meals to help achieve a balanced diet for your dog.

  • Made in South Australia
  • Grain free
  • Plant based ingredients
  • Preservative free
  • Fully compostable pouch
  • Woofalicious!

Veggie Paws Flourish | Nutritional Supplement for Dogs.

Compliments home prepared meals to help achieve a balanced diet for your dog.


Flourish for Plant Based diets and Flourish for Raw Food diets are made from a comprehensive blend of nutrient rich ingredients such as seeds, nuts, wheatgrass and kelp. They are carefully formulated to help achieve a balanced diet for your dog by addressing common nutrient deficiencies in homemade vegan or raw (meat) meals.


Adding Flourish to your dog’s homemade meal is a simple, healthy way to help your dog achieve optimal nutrition. Flourish contains micronutrients that may be lacking in your dog’s diet, such as zinc, manganese, selenium, vitamins, and amino acids. Use our suggested recipes for a balanced diet or add to your own meals for a big nutrient boost!

Flourish Raw Front

Flourish for Raw Food (Meat) Diets

Flourish for Raw Food diets was formulated by a specialist in dog nutrition. With natural plant-based ingredients including seeds, nuts, wheatgrass and mushrooms, Flourish targets the common deficiencies in home prepared raw/meat based meals and utilises the power of plants to provide your dog with zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and essential vitamins.


Flaxmeal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, kelp powder, sesame seeds, wheatgrass powder, brazil nuts, shiitake mushroom powder, calcium carbonate.

Compostable Packaging


Measure 1g per kg of bodyweight per day. Mix well into your dog’s home prepared meal at serving temperature.
eg. A 12kg dog would require a serving size of 12g of Flourish added to their meal daily.

Use Flourish with our suggested recipes to achieve a balanced diet for your dog, or add to your own meals for a big nutrient boost.

Store sealed in a cool, dry place. Once opened consume within 90 days.
Recommended for dogs 12+ months.

Flourish Raw Nutritional Panel

Raw meat based recipe suggestion

This recipe is based on a 20kg dog.


  • 425g lean protein with 1 tablespoon olive oil OR 425g moderate fat protein (like 80/20 beef)
  • 200g cooked pumpkin 
  • 100g raw spinach 
  • 1/2 boiled egg (Optional)
  • 20g Flourish Raw Food supplement


Cool cooked pumpkin and boiled egg to room temperature. Mix meat protein, pumpkin, spinach, boiled egg and Flourish for Raw Food diets thoroughly before serving.

Nutritional Data

Energy – 648.5kcal | Protein – 97.3g | Calcium – 746.6mg | Iron – 13.3mg | Magnesium – 241.2mg | Phosphorus – 993.2mg | Potassium – 2580.2mg | Sodium – 633.1mg | Zinc – 23.2mg | Copper – 1mg | Manganese – 8.2mg | Selenium – 67.4µg | Iodine – 140ug | Thiamin – 1mg | Riboflavin – 13.9mg | Niacin – 25.6mg | Pantothenic acid – 4.6mg | Pyridoxine – 3.1mg | Folic acid – 221.8µg | B12 – 6ug | Vitamin A, RAE – 1085.7µg | Vitamin A, IU – 9453.5IU | Vitamin E – 20mg | Vitamin D3 – 3.1µg | Vitamin K – 486.6µg | Tryptophan – 1g | Threonine – 3.5g | Isoleucine – 4g | Leucine – 7.2g | Lysine – 7.4g | Methionine + Cystine – 3.1g | Phenylalanine + Tyrosine – 3.8g | Valine – 4.3g | Arginine – 6.5g | Histidine – 3.4g
*values calculated from a nutritional database. Values are approximate and there may be seasonal variation in ingredient values.

Important Information

This recipe is an entire day’s serving of food. Your can:

  • Serve one full meal a day
  • Serve half in the morning, and half at night.
  • Feed a commercially prepared food for one meal a day (e.g., kibble), and half of this recipe for the other meal.

Please scale this meal according to your dog’s weight.

This recipe was designed for a 20kg adult dog who does light exercise. Your dog may have different caloric needs based on a number of factors such as their weight, age, and activity levels. Always monitor your dog and adjust the volume of food according to their needs.

If you would like a Flourish meal plan designed specifically for your dog’s needs, we recommend a tailored nutritional consult with Functional Canine. Use the code MEMBERS10 for 10% off your initial consult.

When used in conjunction with our suggested recipe, Flourish is designed to provide a balanced diet for your dog. However, all dogs are different and some may have different nutritional needs and requirements. As such, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian before beginning a new food routine. Always maintain regular checkups with your vet.


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