Flourish – Raw-Food Diets (250G)


Flourish compliments home prepared meals to help achieve a balanced diet for your dog.

  • Made in South Australia
  • Grain free
  • Plant based ingredients
  • Preservative free
  • Fully compostable pouch
  • Woofalicious!

Homemade diets for dogs often lack essential nutrients that your dog needs to thrive. Flourish is a comprehensive blend of 9 ingredients carefully formulated to help achieve a balanced diet for your dog by addressing common nutrient deficiencies in homemade meals.

Flaxmeal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, kelp powder, sesame seeds, wheatgrass powder, brazil nuts, shiitake mushroom powder, calcium carbonate.

Measure 1g per kg of bodyweight per day. Mix well into your dog's home prepared meal at serving temperature.
Store sealed in a cool, dry place. Once opened consume within 90 days.
Recommended for dogs 12+ months.

Nutritional Facts

Flourish Feeding Guide




Formulated by dog nutrition and wellbeing experts at


When used in conjunction with our suggested recipe, Flourish is designed to provide a balanced diet for your dog. However, all dogs are different and some may have different nutritional needs and requirements. As such, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian before beginning a new food routine. Always maintain regular checkups with your vet. 

Compostable Packaging


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