Whimzees Toothbrush S


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Now your dog will always want to brush their teeth. Made with all-natural ingredients, the vegetable-based texture will help remove plaque and tartar as they chew.

Colours are chosen at random.

  • We recommend one properly sized treat per day.
  • Recommended for dogs over the age of 9 months.
  • Choose the correct treat size for your dog.
  • Not suitable for dogs under 2.2kg in weight.
  • Always have fresh water available for your dog.
  • Monitor your dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed. Swallowing any item without thoroughly chewing it may be harmful or even fatal to a dog.

Natural Ingredients:
Potato Starch, Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Lecithin, Yeast, Malt Extract, Sweet Lupin Meal, Annatto Extract Colour, Alfalfa Extract.

Made in Holland

Primary Ingredients

Secondary Ingredients

  • ALFALFA EXTRACT Green Chews – for beta-carotene, vitamins K, C and six Bs.
  • PAPRIKA Red/Orange Chews – rich source of antioxidants, vitamin A and E.
  • MALT EXTRACT Brown Chews – for vitamin B-12, magnesium, calcium and protein.

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